Introducing Our New US Distributor and Sales Team

Introducing Our New US Distributor and Sales Team

We are glad to announce that we have signed with the National Book Network (NBN) for distribution throughout the US and Canada, as well as the Continental Sales Inc. sales team.

It is an honour to be working with this incredible and dedicated partnership team; to have them represent us on such a scale is a huge target we have hit and we are proud to have our titles receive the work and representation they deserve.

We hope this new chapter will strengthen our relationship with the US and Canadian markets and allow audiences to find our exceptional books with even more ease.

It goes without saying that SPD, who represented us in the US for all these years, have been a pleasure to work with and we thank them for their loyal and passionate work with us over the years. Their support for very small indie presses is unmatched and we hope they will continue to thrive in the forthcoming years.

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