Happy World Book Day!

Happy World Book Day!

Here's a list of our top 5 recommended reads for today's occasion! Get your hands on them!

Don't Falter by Christopher Chase Walker.

    It was released YESTERDAY! So get your hands on this exciting espionage thriller! This impressive espionage detective fiction is set in a surveillance-heavy UK where some children are taught to spy as part of specialist education, learning 'tradecraft'. Anna Fetlock is a promising and intelligent student. Her parents, unbeknownst to Anna, belong to a secret underground sheltering a pair of environmental protestors fleeing prosecution. What could possibly go wrong?

    The Big Bang Crime Anthology, edited by Lee Child.

      Our Big Bang! Crime Prize ended on Monday and we are excited to collect the entries and publish the best ones in this anthology that is edited and endorsed by Mr. Jack Reacher best-selling author, Lee Child himself. He has written the introduction to this anthology for us and it has an expected release in the summer in time for holidays. Preorder NOW!

      Theology of the Broken by Catherine Faurot

      Theology of the Broken invites the reader into a garden—a messy, sensual place of potential and despair—and into the Garden, where the myth of Adam and Eve is exploded and rewritten into a tale of separation and communion. It's a brilliant read that intersperses current reflections with mythic poems upended from all ordinary perspectives. It plays with our mind in the way it jumps backwards and forwards. 

      Jasper's Brood by J.K Nottingham

      Part of our Black Spring Crime Series, endorsed by UK crime fiction giants, Ian Rankin and Lee Child. Jasper was eight years old when he was kidnapped and raised by the killer who murdered his family. Not only raised . . . trained. Brilliantly crafted writing by a debut writer. 

      Incantations by Steven Nightingale

      The haiku is an intense, concentrated form, ideal for portraying the atrocious darkness of our times, and also the exaltations of life possible when love and understanding come into unity. In this book of carefully curated poems, Nightingale shows how attention and precision offer a passageway into a vast, unmapped territory of emotion and imagination. Think about what you know about Haiku's and then think again, an expansive read. 


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