Everybody Do What You're Doing

By Adam Temple





Brod, a Black alien from the planet Bodhavista, materializes in Flinders End, a shabby West London backwater. His mission: to spread love, peace, and happiness in the UK. Upon entering the Butchers Arms pub, Kim the landlady befriends him, assuming he is a bewildered migrant.

Meanwhile, two ruthless entrepreneurs plan to oust her and make the Butchers a gastro boozer, their first step in the gentrification of Flinders End. Inadvertently Brod is caught in the bitter struggle, hell-bent on saving his sanctuary, yet fearful of how his mission's failure might be perceived on his home planet. Will he survive?

Adam Temple was born in London, but spent time in Manchester in the punk music scene. The eighties saw him accompany rock legend Screaming Lord Sutch; moonlight as a Tarzan singing telegram; spend a year serenading the Marbella jet set, and accept a residency in Wichita, Kansas! He made several appearances inStrike it Rich, a BBC TV drama. In 2013 he wrote The Adam Temple Show andFootball Fandango. Broadcast from his flat, the Orange Bunker, these episodic internet musical comedies featured several accomplished actors and performers. His debut novel was completed during the pandemic lockdowns. Continuing to write and perform on guitar, Temple lives in Maida Vale, West London.