Meet The Team







Senior Editor: Ms Cate Myddleton-Evans

Cate graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in English Literature, writing her final dissertation on William Blake. She also has an MA in Acting, which was born from a love for stories, literature and especially poetry. She was the editor for our best-selling title, Idiot Verse, by Keaton Henson. She has studied with The Poetry School in London, and spent many wonderful evenings listening to poetry readings. 

Global Editor: Dr Memory Pinchbeck

Memory has a degree in Creative Writing and English Literature, which cultivated her love for poetry, social science fiction and all things cultural. Upon pursuing an MA in Cultural Studies and Sociology she moved into various teaching roles across colleges and independent schools. Her teaching experiences led her to pursue a funded PhD scholarship at The Open University. This led to social science-based research teaching at universities and acting as a reviewer for academic journals. Memory is going full circle by combining her love for contributing to knowledge and culture through evidence-based research with editing and supporting the production of creative works.

Editorial Intern: Ms Izzie Lewis-Dodson

Izzie recently graduated from University College London (MA) where she studied French and Latin. She particularly focused on female criminality and the discovery of women’s voices in classical texts. Izzie grew up singing and tap dancing on the stage, but today she prefers the yoga studio.

Editorial Intern: 'Schuyler'

Schuyler is currently a sixth form student at school in London, where she is able to delve into her passions for English, History and Latin. When she isn’t buried deep within a good book, you can find her in the pool, or editing the next edition of her literature magazine, Writer’s Blot!

Book Design: Mr Edwin Smet

Edwin has worked as an independent graphic designer for over two decades, and is based in The Netherlands. He has published three books of poems and images, Pessoa loopt door de straten van New York (2005), Een Landschap (2008) and A Repetition Of Something Useless That Might Be Considered Beautiful (2015). Over the last eight years, he has focused more and more on painting and designing books.


Publicity & Reviews: Ms Jane Collins

Jane has over 25 years experience as a journalist, editor, and writer. Her articles have appeared in many well-known newspapers and magazines for decades. She has written a feminist study of sex advice for women, published by an imprint of HarperCollins. She lives in London.


Logistics & Stock: Mr Ayrun Mason

With a colourful career history, including working as a model, secretary, courier, tour guide and gardener, Ayrun is now putting his range of practical skills to perfect use. He is based in London.


Associate Director: Ms Amira Ghanim

Amira is a Law graduate, poet and a business owner. She co-owns an innovative medical start-up company and hopes to be the next superhero. She is well travelled and a strong advocate for the rising art culture in the Arab world.


Royalties: Mr M. John Penny

John ('MJ') has 15 years' experience in retail at Oxfam Great Britain, 12 of them as Manager of the charity's flagship bookshop, in London. Before that, he was an engineer and accountant. He ran national poetry contests at Oxfam, and hosted the long-running Oxfam Poetry Series for ten years. He is married with two children and divides his time between the UK and Turkey. He is a passionate Chelsea supporter, and a collector of Harry Potter and Agatha Christie editions. His father worked on the famous Goon Show.


Director of Publishing: Dr Stanley Todd Swift

Stanley Todd, born in Montreal, Canada, in 1966, was named after his British granddad, Stanley Swift, and Todd, the character from the TV show Route 66. He was a 2017-2018 Visiting Scholar at Pembroke College, Cambridge, as the Writer-in-residence. He has had over twenty collections of his own poetry published, by presses in Canada, the US, Ireland, and the UK. Mentored by A. Alvarez in London, he considers himself a confessional poet. He has a PhD in creative and critical writing from the UEA, where his supervisors included George Szirtes, Denise Riley and Jon Cook. He is a book collector, lover of cats, keen swimmer. He has many wonderful nieces and nephews, and one godson, the beautiful lad Alex. He has written over 100 hours of television, including for Paramount, the CBC, Fox, CINAR, Disney, and HBO - and was the series editor for anime cult classic Sailor Moon. Professor Mark Ford of UCL has called him 'the Orson Welles of contemporary poetry'.