Forms of publishing

The Black Spring Press Group is actually three limited companies, linked together to form one larger indie publishing group. IF YOU NEED TO CONTACT US ABOUT ANY ISSUE, PLEASE EMAIL US AT: INFO AT EYEWEARPUBLISHING DOT COM

Traditional Publishing 

A traditional approach to publishing whereby an author approaches us, or we approach them, and if both parties agree, a traditional publishing contract is signed - whereby the publishing company pays the writer, and undertakes the full costs and risks of production: the gold standard Eyewear/Black Spring model.

Collaborative or 'hybrid' publishing

This Co-Op model, is undertaken by Maida Vale Publishing(an imprint under Dexter Haven) and Dexter Haven Limited on a case-by-case basis. This is a relatively recent, and industry-respected model where writers can work with publishers on a mutually underwritten and profit-sharing project to create a book.  A leading UK example of hybrid publishing is Red Door Publishing, which you are encouraged to check out. Urbane answered questions about this type of publishing recently. A more sceptical view is presented by Jane Friedman here– and we welcome such scrutiny, because it is not the traditional model we use for our main companies.


Some writers may rightly wish to completely self-publish. We can still happily offer our expertise to edit, typeset, design, or otherwise support your indie efforts! We can also advise on eBooks and audiobooks.


We offer excellent expert editing for your books, by published authors, many with Oxbridge backgrounds.

Cover Art & Design

We have impressive, widely-respected artists and designers ready to assist you in creating cover art and designs that you need for your book.


Typesetting is important for the reading experience.

PR & Marketing

We would be happy to guide you through your public relations and marketing plans.


Of course every book needs to be printed and we work with the best printers, who also print for Yale, Harvard, Penguin, Random House and Faber and Faber. We can talk you through what paper weight to use, what binding, and whether to go paperback or hardcover.

Ebooks and Audiobooks

We offer authors the chance to convert their books into an Ebook and / or audiobook - these formats are growing increasingly popular as the digital media industry expands, we stay on top of this by providing conversion opportunities.


Practically speaking, the author gets a standard contract and all the usual editorial, design, production, publishing and marketing support we offer authors. This means your book is entered into prizes, sent for review, and sold into good bookshops across the USA, UK and Ireland, as well as online at Amazon.  The difference is that the author is offered 50% of the sales profits, as opposed to the usual 10%.  In exchange for this better deal (offered because the risk is shared) the author invests in the production costs up front. Depending on the marketing spend and levels of editing or ghost-writing required, this can cost more or less than £3k.


Freedom. The chance to create a bespoke, completely unique project, with more control than most publishers will offer. Some books are huge, strange, eccentric, unusual, or even too commercial or personal for some publishers. Collaborating authors may have been frustrated by making endless rounds of agents and publishers, and tired of hearing No as an answer. With the Maida Vale Publishing and Dexter Haven model , we can say Yes right away, and a book is published within 9–18 months.


No. Vanity publishing often preys on the naïve. It offers a dream it cannot provide. It charges writers far more than the publishing would ever cost to be made by other means and offers few if any options to be sold into bookshops and treated like a normal trade book. The vanity press author ends up with a box of books no one wants to buy. 

The hybrid model is a partnership, and an eyes-wide-open business deal based on mutual respect. Because we, the publisher, continue to invest a minimum of 50% of the expense of creating the book and also continue to share in the royalties, so we want to help sell and promote the books for years to come. Far from being a short-term scam, it is a respectable, reciprocal, co-operative model. Some major authors have been involved in such co-operative endeavours.


Maida Vale Publishing and Dexter Haven Limited can only take on projects it believes in.

However, since we take the time to develop the book with the author, we seek to make sure the book is of sufficient quality to be published. And since the author agrees to share some of the risk, we can take on more unusual and unique books.


A work judged by experienced editors to be without any redeeming intellectual, emotional, or artistic merit; a book without any sense of literary or genre tradition; or a profoundly offensive work that breaks hate speech or obscenity laws.


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