About The Black Spring Press Group


A JOURNEY OF HOPE AGAINST THE ODDS: At Christmas, 2021, after a severe bout of Covid-19, our director, Dr Todd Swift, collapsed and was rushed to hospital with heart failure; he was in ICU over Christmas, and nearly died. It took him four months to recover, and then he was given a cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator implant. The small BSPG team rallied around and kept things afloat in his absence, unsure of what the future might bring.

At 56, he is very young to be diagnosed with such a serious chronic illness. Many advised him to retire, and close the company, but he has refused to give up, and has been slowly building his strength with daily walks and weekly swims, all year, so that, as a new Christmas looms, he can say, he did his best, he fought to stay alive, to become stronger, and to remain hopeful.

Dr Swift is on 11 pills (tablets) a day, and still has a blood clot on his heart - but he dives in to editing, proofreading, and fundraising, every day of the week, and some weekends, also. He doesn't want to let any authors he has signed to publish, down.

There have been major delays in the past few years, and deadlines sadly missed, due to the pandemic, and now this medical setback, but BSPG is about hope, working towards dreams, and not seeing illness or disability as a dead-end, but a new path, one of challenges, but also great rewards. Please travel this journey with us, and remain hopeful and supportive, as we do the best we can.

Eyewear Publishing Ltd. joined up with Black Spring Press (with its imprint Dexter Haven) in 2019 to form a new Indie boutique press group of cultural reach and quality in the heart of London, UK.

Founded in 1985, The Black Spring Press list had published literary classics and major figures, including Leonard Cohen, Orson Welles, Anais Nin, Momus, Carolyn Cassady, Charles Baudelaire, Nick Cave, and many more. It was named after the classic by Henry Miller, a collection of stories entitled Black Spring, published in 1963 by the important indie company Grove Press in New York. It is dedicated to Anais Nin. Hence, the identity and vision of the press was declared instantly, as celebrating outsider, underground, outlaw, radical and avant-garde voices and styles, unafraid of exploring taboo subjects and expressing the truths about human lives.

We are a very small micro-press, with a very small team,and few if any full-time editors currently due to lack of arts funding, but part of the Independent Publishers Guild as well as the Publishers Association. Please do not sign with us if you expect a large multinational corporation level of efficiency, like one would get from Penguin or Random House or Simon and Schuster. We can be slow, disorganised and very human; we're puny, and simply muddling through. If you want a best-seller, best get an agent and try for publication with a super-publisher.

We are incredibly proud to have an excellent business, financial and legal record for all of our three and a half decades. Our spotless tax, financial and legal record speaks to our team's longstanding integrity, sense of duty, and professionalism, working in Canada, the USA, Ireland and the UK since 1985 in one form or another of company.

Our books have been recommended by such major figures as Stephen Fry, Gina Miller, Salman Rushdie, Tom Stoppard, Colm Toibin, and The Rev. Jesse Jackson.

We have a commitment to the wider world of prose and poetry, in English and translation.  We search for emerging talent and neglected out-of-work authors, as well as well-established figures.

Our books have been well-reviewed in The TLS, The Sewanee Review, The Times, Poetry(Chicago), PN Review, Poetry Review and Poetry London; and have won major prizes for criticism (The Pegasus Award) and poetry and been longlisted and shortlisted for others, including The Forward Prize and the Somerset Maugham award from the Society of Authors. Our poets have appeared in the annual Forward anthologies, and been PBS Choices and Recommendations.

Our books appear in bookshops across the UK, Ireland Canada and the USA, distributed by BookSource, INGRAM and NBN. We are represented by the Quantum Publishing Solutions sales team and by Red Rock Literary Agency for foreign rights.

Our pamphlet series has been shortlisted for the prestigious Michael Marks Award, given each year at The British Library. Our novels have been optioned for film, and adapted for radio and broadcast on the BBC.

Our Sexton and Beverly prizes also encourage writers, in various genres.Our range is wide, our remit international, and our aim true…

'...an estimable list of books.' – PN Review

'...a very considerable presence in contemporary poetry.' – John Greening

Note  - Publishing companies have to unfortunately reject hundreds of writers each year. Some disagree with our business model and editorial philosophy. A small proportion of people will from time to time take to the online virtual world to complain. We do all we can to make every customer, author, and client, fully satisfied. No one is perfect, but we do our best. We are constantly updating our Shopify site to add new books and information, to listen and learn.