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By Miriam Gordis

Vinyl is an exploration of directions, inspired by the shape and malleability of the material itself. These directions become linear, horizontal, and metaphysical as the poems explore gaze, self and intimacy. Can home and elsewhere, life and death, poetry and prose be divided into clear binaries, or is there a messy limbo that exists in between? Inspired by modern mythologies, Vinyl is an attempt to decode poetic and bodily boundaries, building upon Gordis' work in translation.

Miriam Gordis is a writer and poet. Her work has appeared in Litro, The Ampersand Review, The Cherwell and The Radiant Collective and she is a former writer for ISIS Magazine at Oxford University. She currently lives in Brooklyn. Vinyl is her first collection of poetry.

 Miriam Gordis is a poet of unequivocal candor, cleaving to a 'discipline of secret ankles, secret thighs'. These poems are 'remarkably self-aware' but not self-conscious, emotionally frank yet unsentimental. Gordis surprises with vinyl 'reimprinted', spinning like the planets made of 'all these streetlights / or the salt rings around [Dido's] eyes', circular like 'the o of your throat'. - Matvei Yankelevich

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