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Blizzards, Swords & Tears

Blizzards, Swords & Tears

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One’s personal ways to cope with anxiety, surviving the pains from sexual assault, and learning to deal with emotional and mental conflict are among those subject LAÒN writes about in Blizzards, Swords & Tears. Wishing to empower others, encourage those who want to share their experiences, and ease the pain with those who struggle themselves are the hopes of this book. Sexual assault and mental struggle have for far too long been taboo subjects, but this book meets them head-on. It comes with tears, and it is reviving. Blizzards, Swords & Tears is a manifesto of the physical, the sexual, as well as the mental, trials and triumphs, of a young woman growing up in a young world with still much to learn.

LAÒN, a pseudonym for Laura Amalie Ohmann Nielsen, was born in 1997 in a suburban town outside central Copenhagen, Denmark. As the youngest child of four she grew up with the knowledge of her older siblings’ experiences, yet she could only on her own learn the current ways of the world. Growing up in a 21st-century first-world country, LAÒN began writing poetry at an early age, and as
time went, the ups and downs of her teenage years began forming on paper.


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