Theology Of The Broken

By Catherine Faurot

Poetry - Paperback



Theology of the Broken invites the reader into a garden—a messy, sensual place of potential and despair—and into the Garden, where the myth of Adam and Eve is exploded and rewritten into a tale of separation and communion.

The collection opens with bulbs that have landed on the author’s porch and expands into a hallucinatory chorus of flowers, interspersed with mythic poems upended from all ordinary perspective. In this garden the Fall is division: male from female, body from soul. The poems wander through a landscape alternately lush and desolate until Adam and Eve are united again, momentarily.


Catherine Faurot’s work has appeared in Ms. Magazine, Colorado Review, Classical Outlook, Christian Century, Free State Review, Westchester Review, and New Orphic Review, among other journals. Her first poetry book, Plow Harrow Seed, was published by FootHills Publishing. She holds a degree in religious studies from Berkeley, as well as a masters in classics and creative writing from Dartmouth and an MFA from Bennington. In addition to her work in equity and inclusion, she writes on religion, history, and spirituality from a beautiful farm where she is homesteading with her family.



Theology of the Broken is grounded in every sense—in the complexity and beauty of our language, in the poet’s own rich inner life, and in the very soil Catherine Faurot works into a garden.  A garden too is a work of art, though the materials gardeners manipulate are botanical, atmospheric, climactic.  Faurot moves gracefully among these elements, and with keen observation, makes poems of great heart, astute thinking and memorable song.  - Mark Wunderlich