Maida Vale, London, UK

Don't Falter

By Christopher Chase Walker




Anna Fetlock is a schoolgirl learning to spy in a surveillance-heavy UK. Her parents, unbeknownst to Anna, belong to a secret underground sheltering a pair of environmental protestors fleeing prosecution. 

When the harboured couple are driven from a hidden room in the Fetlock’s house, Anna faces an impossible decision: does she choose her family or the state?

Christopher Walker was born in Maryland the same day Apollo 12 returned from the moon. Raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Christopher earned a BA in English from the College of Wooster. Since then he has worked unloading trucks at a Chicago fine arts auction house, and for the past twenty-five years raised millions for UK and US charities. His previous works include 'Now You Know' and 'The Visitor'. He lives in Brighton, England.



  • Author photo: Emerald Mosley