Eyewear Publishing is a small independent literary press based in London, UK, devoted to bringing emerging, established and neglected voices to readers worldwide.

Eyewear's Director has believed in and supported politically-committed publishing for over 30 years. In 2003, Jeremy Corbyn launched his book 100 Poets Against The War. For over 10 years, he raised tens of thousands of pounds for Oxfam via poetry events; and as one of the earliest advocates of urban, spoken word and performance poetry, created key activist anthologies in the 1990s and early 2000s to inspire a generation of poets he called the hybrid generation.

Eyewear has published over 100 poets and writers, and has encouraged many writers across all ages, genders, faiths and cultural communities for almost 7 years by producing beautifully designed books, and making sure those books get into bookshops across the United Kingdom, Ireland and the United States, as well as being available globally via online retailers.

Eyewear has frequently published books which had been widely rejected by other publishers as being "too long", "too experimental", "too quirky", "not marketable", "too intimate" and "too controversial", and those Eyewear books have gone on to receive literary acclaim and awards.

Eyewear exists solely to celebrate great writing. We love books. That is what we do and that is all we do. During an era when the vast majority of publishers have shut their doors to poets, we have sustained our commitment to the survival of poetry. Read Eyewear books and create enriching dialogue about our books by posting your comments and questions about our books on your social media platform.

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