Let's not get ahead of ourselves - sales and distribution from UK to the USA is tough at the moment, and both our countries are suffering with a dreadful pandemic that has locked down huge swathes of society, and taken far too many lives. So crowing loudly about any good news is sort of, well, out of place; however, we all know good news was in short supply in 2020 and the start of 2021, so forgive us for the tiniest of toots on our own horn, as we do inform you that books our publishing group publishes made two SPD (Small Press Distribution in California has been going for 50 years as the top American indie books distributor) lists recently announced - and yes, our team was quietly pleased.

SPD Fiction Bestsellers

November & December 2020


  1. Evidence of V: A Novel in Fragments, Facts, and Fictions by Sheila O’Connor (Rose Metal Press)
  2. Lake of Urine: A Love Story by Guillermo Stitch (Sagging Meniscus Press)
  3. The Joan Anderson Letter by Neal Cassady (Eyewear Publishing)
  4. Little Blue Encyclopedia (for Vivian) by Hazel Jane Plante (Metonymy Press)
  5. Each of Us Killers by Jenny Bhatt (7.13 Books)
  6. The Usual Uncertainties: Stories by Jonathan Blum (Rescue Press)
  7. Sicilian Dreams by Vincent Panella (Bordighera Press)
  8. The Unpleasantness of the Battle of Thornford: A Father Christmas Mystery by C.C. Benison (At Bay Press)
  9. Best Microfiction 2020 by Meg Pokrass, Gary Fincke, and Michael Martone, Editors (Pelekinesis)
  10. The Book of Lost Light by Ron Nyren (Black Lawrence Press)
  11. Winter Honeymoon by Jacob M. Appel (Black Lawrence Press)
  12. Journey through a Land of Minor Annoyances by Al Kline (Livingston Press)
  13. A Cerebral Offer by Ken Janjigian (Livingston Press)
  14. Birds of Massachusetts by Steven Kennedy (Fourteen Hills Press)
  15. Catching a Memory by Judith Shaw (Summer Press)
  16. Jillian in the Borderlands by Beth Alvarado (Black Lawrence Press)
  17. The Loop by Dan Sanders (Anvil Press)
  18. Sybelia Drive by Karin Cecile Davidson (Braddock Avenue Books)
  19. The Conquered Sits at the Bus Stop, Waiting by Veronica Montes (Black Lawrence Press)
  20. Undula by Bruno Schulz, translated by Frank Garrett (Sublunary Editions)






SPD Nonfiction Bestsellers

October—December 2020


  1. The Best of Brevity: Twenty Groundbreaking Years of Flash Nonfiction by Zoë Bossiere and Dinty W. Moore, Editors (Rose Metal Press)
  2. A Place of Exodus: Home, Memory, and Texas by David Biespiel (Kelson Books)
  3. Enya: A Treatise on Unguilty Pleasures by Chilly Gonzales (Invisible Publishing)
  4. Olivia on the Record by Ginny Z. Berson (Aunt Lute Books)
  5. Blackspace: On the Poetics of an Afrofuture by Anaïs Duplan (Black Ocean)
  6. Self Empunishment by Brian Walsby (Pelekinesis)
  7. We Are No Longer Babaylan by Elsa Valmidiano (New Rivers Press)
  8. Baby Speaks Salish: A Language Manual Inspired by One Family’s Effort to Raise a Salish Speaker by Emma Noyes (Scablands Books)
  9. trans girl suicide museum by hannah baer (Hesse Press)
  10. Me & Other Writing by Marguerite Duras, translated by Olivia Baes and Emma Ramadan (Dorothy, a publishing project)
  11. A Woman, A Plan, An Outline of a Man by Sarah Kasbeer (Zone 3 Press)
  12. The Wanting Was a Wilderness: Cheryl Strayed’s WILD and the Art of Memoir (...AFTERWORDS) by Alden Jones (Fiction Advocate)
  13. Bright Archive by Sarah Minor (Rescue Press)
  14. Defacing the Monument by Susan Briante (Noemi Press)
  15. Frontline Heroes by Mark J. Hiblen (Eyewear Publishing)
  16. Translation is a Mode=Translation is an Anti-neocolonial Mode by Don Mee Choi (Ugly Duckling Presse)
  17. of colour by Katherine Agyemaa Agard (Essay Press)
  18. Dyke (geology) by Sabrina Imbler (Black Lawrence Press)
  19. No Hierarchy of the Lovely: Ten Uncollected Essays and Other Prose 1939–1981 by Robert Duncan, edited by James Maynard (Three Count Pour)
  20. Be Scared of Everything: Horror Essays by Peter Counter (Invisible Publishing)



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