Our British press is shocked, horrified, and saddened to see the free, independent democratic nation of Ukraine under attack, from land, air and sea, by the Russian army.

Ukraine is bravely fighting but they appear overwhelmed by the larger force, which is resorting to ever-more brutal and even criminal weapons and methods, targeting innocent civilians.

This is one of the bleakest moments in European history since World War Two, when Russia and Ukraine, as part of the Soviet Union, were our important allies.

We hope for peace and a rapid end to this terrible conflict, but we know that NATO cannot engage militarily without risking WW3; that way lies nuclear annihilation, given recent threats. However, it seems more could be done, to compel a halt to conflict.

Our sympathy lies with the underdogs, invaded and blameless. We stand with our British MPs from across the political spectrum, who have supported economic measures to show solidarity with Ukraine. Hopefully the Ukrainian refugees can be welcomed and supported.

We pray for an outcome that has the least bloodshed and the most love and freedom possible, amid the weeping, the wounded, and the ruined spires.

We do not do much business with Russia anyway, but in solidarity with other UK publishers and companies, we will now stop all work in Russia, or sales to Russia, while this war and occupation continues.

We will be making a donation to the British Red Cross in the name of our company, for Ukraine, and we encourage our readers and authors to support Ukraine however they can.


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