Amira ghanim | 30 March, 2020


The world is in a medical and financial crisis unprecedented in its scope and impact, and as such we do not anticipate our publishing schedule returning to normal until autumn 2020; meanwhile, many book retailers and distributors are closed or closing, limiting any publisher’s capacity to launch and sell new physical book titles until the lockdowns are lifted later this year.

However, and in the meantime, we can still proactively plan for and work towards, our 2021-2023 schedules, which should be mostly unaffected by the Covid-19 pandemic, since most expert scientific advice suggests a vaccine will be widely available by 2021. We look forward to a future without social distancing, where people can meet together again to discuss, celebrate and browse, beautiful books, without risk or anxiety. In the meantime, please be safe and try not to despair. Together, the world will come through this uniquely alienating time, though it is admittedly deeply strange and scary.

Currently, our online bookshop is open for orders, as for now our distributor in Scotland is able to fulfil said orders; but this is under regular review, for health and safety reasons.

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