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'There Will Be Typos' competition cancelled

Amira ghanim | 11 January, 2021

            'There Will Be Typos' competition cancelled

Due to online advice from some members of the poetry community, the 'There Will Be Typos' competition has been cancelled immediately. We opened this prize in a spirt of fun during dark times, to lampoon some poetry prizes where so few win, and aimed for a collectively-funded book of poems from around the world. Clearly, we failed to consider it might be seen as a vanity contest, since we had the rules printed openly, and stated without judges every pome (misspelled on purpose as a wink to the title) would win. Clearly, the satire and humour has not come across. While we had hoped the collection would contain many fascinating voices, new and established, that’s not something we want to do if poets feel the ‘anti-prize’ tenor of the contest is likely to disadvantage people. We apologise and we have heard your feedback and value it. Eyewear imprint does not do vanity press books, and in our tenth year, having published over 200 traditional full collections and pamphlets, and many major anthologies, we hope that is clear. Again, apologies. 2021 is off to a dreadful start for so many, and we want to help, not hinder.

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