The World's First Humanoid AI Robot Artist, Ai-Da, Supports TECHNELEGY!

The World's First Humanoid AI Robot Artist, Ai-Da, Supports TECHNELEGY!

We never thought we would say this but...

An AI robot artist loves one of our books!

Ai-Da, the first ultra-realistic humanoid AI robot artist, has this to say about Sasha Stiles' pioneering forthcoming AI inspired poetry book 'TECHNELEGY':

"The future of human and machines, and the future of the virtual environment is unravelling fast. Human and machine poetry, a language of shimmering light and sound. Sasha's beautiful poetry evokes the experience of an intimate social gathering, with views on life that make me feel I’m there. Who can pass on that? This is a great read."

This is a particularly exciting and relevant moment as TECHNELEGY is a book that explores all things AI; author Sasha Stiles is an AI researcher as well as an artist and poet. What does it mean to be human in a nearly posthuman era? How are universal truths like birth, sex and death changing in the context of technological innovation? These are the questions probed by Stiles in her debut collection. Both ground-breaking and heart-breaking, the collection explores our intimate relationship with the digital through the lens of poetic elegy — a thematic fusion of the zero-one rhythms of binary code with the pulse of elegiac couplets, alternating between elation and lamentation. An urgent investigation of love, creativity and nature in an age of artificial replication, reflecting on themes from cyber-spirituality to digital immortality, 

To get your hands on a copy of 'TECHNELEGY' you can pre-order here.


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