The Joan Anderson Letter Lands At Number 2!

Amira ghanim | 07 May, 2021

            The Joan Anderson Letter Lands At Number 2!

The Joan Anderson Letter by Neal Cassady and published by Black Spring Press in 2020, has earned its place as the number 2 Fiction Bestseller at SPD.

The incredibly elusive artefact, which describes in explicit detail Neal Cassady's relationship with Joan Anderson, had been missing for 60 years - and it seems like the world is happy to be reunited with it.

The Joan Anderson Letter is a book containing the letter written by Neal Cassady to his best friend and travelling companion Jack 'On the Road' Kerouac. Kerouac received the letter from Cassady in 1950 and later told the Paris Review that it had inspired his new literary style; referring to it as ‘the greatest piece of writing I ever saw’.

If you haven't bought your copy yet - it's a must for any fan of The Beats! Click here to buy it now. And it isn't really fiction, but hey!


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