The IPG Autumn Conference - 60 years!

The IPG Autumn Conference - 60 years!

It was a great pleasure to attend the IPG Autumn Conference this year. We enjoyed meeting friends again and joining with fellow publishers to discuss the current state of the publishing industry, environmental and sustainable goals and to learn so much more!

It is clear that the next few months are uncertain in the book market, with inflation and an economic crisis at hand while the market continues to recover; however, as a small press, it is reassuring that we are all in it together.

Thank you to the IPG, Jonathan Harris, Bridget Shine and their exceptional team for organizing this important event. We were particularly moved by Razia Aziz's engaging talk on diversity and will keep Guy Doza's fantastic, thrilling and excellent talk on speechwriting (a little rhythmic triad nod there to Guy!) in mind.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

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