The Black Spring Press Group sign COSMO LANDESMAN

The Black Spring Press Group sign COSMO LANDESMAN

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April 5 2022

The Black Spring Press Group sign COSMO LANDESMAN

Journalist, broadcaster and author Cosmo Landesman, 67, has signed with The Black Spring Press Group for his latest book F*ck Grief and Other Bad Ideas of Mine – How to Live After The Loss of a Loved One. The book will be published in October this year.

Landesman set out to write an anti-suicide/anti-grief memoir that he says, ‘was angry and cynical about the way we look at death, suicide and grief’ after his son Jack took his own life in 2015. Where other parents of suicides were motivated to try and do good in the world, Landesman says he took the, ‘do nothing, say nothing and feel as bad as possible option’. Seven years later he ‘wonders if he made a terrible mistake. But F*ck Grief is more than about suicide – it’s about a clueless father trying to save his troubled son... ‘  

Of his signing to the Eyewear/Black Spring Press Group Landesman says: ‘I’m not excited to be published by Eyewear and The Black Spring Press Group – I’m ecstatic! Only a true original like me could be published by a true original like Todd Swift and his team. My book has been called “the most moving insightful and funny book on suicide ever written” – at least by me!’   

 Cosmo Landesman, along with Toby Young and (his then wife) Julie Burchill was the co-founder of The Modern Review. He has written for a wide range of newspapers and magazines including The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph and The Spectator. He is also known for his successful dating column in the Sunday Times Style Magazine alongside Dolly Alderton. His cultural memoir Starstruck: Fame, Failure My Family and Me was published in 2008 to great critical acclaim. 

The Black Spring Press Group has world rights for the book which were obtained directly from the author. For any other information please contact Jane Collins at jane.eyewearpublishing @

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