Success for Publishing! With one pressing issue...

Success for Publishing! With one pressing issue...

The BBC announce our collective return to book reading, as the Publishers' Association admits that, "It's been a particularly challenging year for education publishers and many smaller publishers...It's also been a hugely difficult time for many booksellers and authors whose livelihoods have been enormously disrupted."

Smaller presses are often categorized under the same umbrella as publishing giants, however, the reality can be strikingly different and we welcome the mainstream media finally acknowledging this invisible imbalance.

Smaller presses often rely on the romance of a book catching a reader's eye, in the aisles of a lonesome bookshop, or on the courageous energy of authors who use their voice to travel through cities and countries, attending events and festival appearances. Relying on the benefits of being a household name transcends the capabilities of a smaller press, and 2020/2021 has been unfortunately, difficult for this sector.

It looks as though the tide will turn, as lockdown eases and we couldn't be happier to have more book lovers to talk books with!

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