Our Person In Turkey...

Our Person In Turkey...

We've been a bit slow to get some information out the past few weeks to some authors, and for that we are sorry. Our go-to person for some number-crunching is one Mr MJ Penny, who kindly assists pro bono to handle analysis of book sales; the last few months he's had to deal with his father-in-law being in hospital for Covid-19, and his kids sent home with Covid-19 scares, and his entire region in Turkey shut down.

His kids use the home computer all day for schoolwork, and so he has been catching up into the wee small hours, while also handling other matters. He's a super sweet chap and super-helpful, and his background as an engineer, accountant and charity bookseller is very helpful to us as a small press.

However, he has another challenge. Many bookshops and even our Canadian distributor, were closed for many months in the past year, and some sales figures have been delayed. He is doing his best to tabulate all the sales figures so everyone can know asap.

If you need any info, contact me directly at info @ eyewearpublishing dot com and I will do my best to help. Usually MJ comes over to the UK for a few months every spring / summer and we do this in person, but currently he can't even leave Turkey at the moment.

We hope for a bit of patience and empathy at this 'force majeure' time, but we get it, you're curious. So are we. Let's hope unlocking continues on June 21st! And remember, we're a small team, working from home, not at the office where we can more easily share info and get things done in the usual way.

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