The Black Spring Eyewear Press Group - like the rest of the world during this unprecedented time - now sees a glimmer of light at the end of the pandemic tunnel - over the coming weeks and months, as the UK government cautiously eases British society back out of lockdown, with its new 'Alert' system, our team will also stay alert to how we can safely, and responsibly, start ramping up our publishing schedule again.

We are honoured and thrilled to have over 50 signed contracts with authors, for books we intend to bring out over the next 2-3 years; in the past, our lists and imprints published over 40 titles a year, so we are sure we can, by the autumn, begin to return to a dynamic and active tempo again.

What this means, for now, however, is that we must remain cautious, and not over-promise, or over-reach. Like many publishers, film studios, and other creative companies, we moved many of our launch dates forward by 3-6 months, to protect our books from being lost in the chaos and sadness of these times. Instead, we have prioritised - whenever possible - those books that demanded more immediate readerships due to heightened relevance (i.e. books about the pandemic).

Our plan - a three-year mission - is to continue to publish ALL our contracted authors, within a reasonable time frame, and resume the excellent editorial, design, distribution, and launch aspects we are respected for. Our new normal is steady as she goes, eyes on the horizon, waving, not drowning. In short, if we were a ship, we'd be heading back to harbour, all hands on deck. We'll meet again.

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