Today, Britain's top scientists gave a press briefing, stating they believe a 'second wave' or resurgent first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has begun to hit the UK again, and that, over the next 6 months, as winter comes in, we'll face difficult choices, between protecting lives, and protecting the economy.

Lockdowns, 'circuit breakers' or other restrictions are likely, to save lives, and the NHS, and we agree these are necessary.

This could mean a 'cancelled Christmas' - with shops and pubs and restaurants closed, no pantos or concerts, and much less gift-giving. Sales may go down drastically, also, as millions lose their jobs, tragically, in the coming weeks and months.

The UK economy was already fragile; the next 6 months may very well, if only temporarily, plunge it into its worst-ever state, or equal to the 1930s Great depression era.

Furthermore, if there is a no-deal Brexit trade deal transition, things could even get worse.

In short, between now and April 2021, it's going to be a tough time, maybe as bad or worse as the period February-July 2020, when almost 50,000 people in the UK died because of Covid-19.

Our main concern now is for our customers, and our team, and colleagues, and their families, friends and loved ones. We hope everyone stays safe, and stays socially-distanced.

We are now planning for the closure or limited availability, again, of distribution channels, and bookshops, and printers, in the months to come; and far lower sales, even with Amazon's resurgence; we plan to continue to promote our authors online, digitally, with POD, and some launches and events when possible.

Our bigger aims are to minimise risk, stay open as best we can, and even if some titles are delayed or moved ahead in the schedule, to see that EVERY BOOK WE HAVE SIGNED FOR will be published by Christmas 2022.

That's our promise, and we intend to keep it, as best we can, and every decision going forward will have that goal as its main aim. We believe 2022 will usher in a new golden age, comparatively, with a vaccine, and far more social-mingling, and public events, and joy - with an improving and greener economy. 

There are two sayings we wish to emphasize here: 'Better late than never' and 'If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing well'. That's our ethos. We'd rather be a little slow, a little late, with our books, but have them out more safely, and in a world better placed to receive them.


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