one of our imprints turns 9 today! (-:

one of our imprints turns 9 today! (-:

Eyewear Publishing Limited was founded on May 12, 2012…

Here we are 9 years old today, and over 150 books and pamphlets later!

Thank you to all our past and present editors, designers, printers, booksellers, bookshops, reviewers, book-bloggers, the TLS, the Windmill Brixton, distributors, patrons, proof-readers, readers, interns, coffee-making café people, logistics managers, book PR experts, literary estates, critics, postal delivery people, SPD, Suetonius the cat, cat-sitters, book-fair organisers, TJ, Ingram, Nielsen, Quantum, BookSource, administrators and friends and authors, poets, and supporters, along the way.

Here’s to our 10th year now unfolding! Looks hopeful...

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Robert Johnson

The Neal and Carolyn Cassady Estate is very glad to be doing business with the entire team at Black Spring Press/Eyewear Publishing! They have treated us fairly and are easy to contact and discuss concerns and do their very, very best to make us happy.
Congratulations on turning 9!
We know #10 will be outstanding.


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