News! Dr Memory Pinchbeck Joins BSPG

News! Dr Memory Pinchbeck Joins BSPG

Dr Memory Pinchbeck has joined the Black Spring Press Group team as Global Editor.

During a time of turbulence and uncertainty, teamwork is what gets us through - we are so excited that Dr Memory Pinchbeck will now be working with us!

Memory has a degree in Creative Writing and English Literature, which cultivated her love for poetry, social science fiction and all things cultural. She is based in Hull, and upon pursuing an MA in Cultural Studies and Sociology she moved into various teaching roles across colleges and independent schools. Her teaching experiences led her to pursue a funded PhD scholarship at The Open University.

This led to social science-based research teaching at universities and acting as a reviewer for academic journals. Memory is going full circle by combining her love for contributing to knowledge and culture through evidence-based research with editing and supporting the production of creative works.


Welcome to the team, Memory!

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