Hard Times Is Not Just A Dickens Novel But February Is Coming

Hard Times Is Not Just A Dickens Novel But February Is Coming

These are hard times, for Great Britain, and for the people who live on these isles. We post this message to keep you updated on our challenges and our will to endure, so that you may know what we face, and what we aim for, in the days ahead, both gloomy and bright.

London, England where our company is based is now under the top-tier 5 lockdown, after a new mutant variant of the Covid-19 virus began to spread widely a few months ago. New figures released today show that 2020 saw more 'excess deaths' in England and Wales from the pandemic than have occurred since 1940, during WW2; new figures reported today on the BBC also show that the retail sector has had its worst year in 25 years; and the UK currently has the worst fall in economic output for 300 years.

Make no mistake, the UK is facing a significant medical, financial, and societal crisis currently of truly historic proportions. And therefore, as we are a part of the ruffled, troubled whole, so do we face the self-same brunt of the times.

All UK bookshops are closed. We are working from home, and encouraged not to travel far or leave for spurious reasons.

As such, while we will aim to provide the best possible service to you, our authors, customers, and colleagues, we must do so safely, and carefully, and within current guidelines. This is not a time for madcap departures from the rule of law, or adventurous new schemes. Plans long made are currently in abeyance across the land, planes idle, doors locked, and gardens solemn.

The vaccine is being rolled out. The army is helping. The frontline heroes are bold and brave. British humour is tested but sturdy. Spring is coming. The light is lengthening daily. We have hope each day brings better news - but the next few weeks will challenge our NHS as never before, and will take a toll on our hearts, minds and souls, as this generation sees death on a scale not seen since the Blitz attacks of 1940.

We ask that you remain strong, calm, and confident, but also patient, and resilient, in the face of numerous unseen and seen factors that will no doubt bring chaos and concern until the end of January.

With sincerest gratitude for the work you do with us, and the support you may offer, we remain, The Black Spring Press Group editorial team.

Remember, when united we are far stronger than when we stand, fighting and falling on the deck, face forward, alone. Love's kind temperance is the best medicine, after the vaccine that comes for us all.

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