If you have pre-ordered Frontline Heroes from our shop, please rest assured your book is on its way to you, and should arrive before end of August, or the week after. All UK, Irish and EU pre-orders have been posted royal mail already, or are due to go out this week.

All international orders (USA, Canada, Mexico) are being prepared for a faster courier delivery and should all arrive within the next 10-14 days.

We wish to be transparent with our customers, who may not realise the challenges facing small businesses in the UK at this time, especially with regards to overseas shipments, and distribution.

Due to the tragic ongoing pandemic, our American distributor was unable to handle, at the last minute, for social distancing and other pressures, delivery of this book in the US, meaning we have sought an alternative; but all shippers are much delayed, for the same reasons.

Our own warehouse can only be attended by one person at a time, for safety reasons, and access to packaging all the books, and bringing them to the shipment point, is again limited for logistical reasons; we are a small operation, and so are managing to get about 50 orders out a day now. We have tried to do our best, and get these books sent in top quality packaging and with proper services, as we did not want to risk loss in the post.

We have enough signed copies left to make sure that anyone that does not receive their copy, due to loss in the post, can receive a new copy. We ask you to please be patient, we have been working every day to ship these beautiful books, during a time of constantly shifting rules, regulations, costs, and much chaos in the industry.


We also hope to print more in October, as demand continues, and we hope that delivery and postal services, overwhelmed as they are, will begin to cope better, as they put more measures in place.

Thank you, again, for supporting a small press! We are a team of only 8 people, all working from home most days due to the virus, and trying to deliver service with a smile even when times are often dark.

Be well!

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