Congratulations to the new UK PM Sir Keir Starmer

BSPG would like to congratulate the Labour Party and Sir Keir Starmer, the new UK Prime Minister, for running a hopeful, clean campaign, and winning an historic election. After 14 years of a different party in power, Sir Keir today promised to govern as a moderate, stable leader, putting "country first, party second". Our very small indie press, like all small business, knows too well how challenging the past decade or more has been, especially the Covid period, and beyond - there has been a dire cost of living crisis in the UK.

Our press has worked with authors connected to all non-extreme political views on the spectrum, and we welcome free speech; but we want to wish our new government well as they take power and seek to steady the ship of state, and limit or ideally reverse intolerance and hate to those seeking refuge here. We sincerely believe there needs to be more government arts funding for small press publishers in the UK in general, and hope this will be in the very busy in-tray for the Culture Secretary.

We also want to congratulate, especially, the Greens, for making notable gains, and emphasizing a key existential issue of our time, and the Lib Dems, with their best showing for a century. Leadership is about listening, and never giving up, something we at BSPG wish to emulate. The UK is the world's 6th largest economy and a nuclear power, and the home of the English language and parliamentary democracy. It matters what happens here, and we very much hope chaos lessens and stability and hard work proceeds in an optimistic way, for all citizens.

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