BSPG Moves Towards NFTs and Cryptocurrency

Amira ghanim | 03 March, 2022

            BSPG Moves Towards NFTs and Cryptocurrency

The Black Spring Press Group will now be accepting cryptocurrency payments for donations, patrons, investment and special orders.

Digital currency is becoming increasingly ubiquitous  and we would like to offer as much flexibility as possible for payments and donations by adopting this currency form when possible.

For payments to our Kukai Wallet, please use the following public key:



For payments to our MetaMask wallet, please use the following public key:


Author of Paper Romance, Arch Hades, pictured, has recently sold the most expensive poem to ever be sold at auction as an NFT - while Sasha Stiles, author of Technelegy  sees increasing and consistent demand for her poems in the NFT format.

We would like to step into the NFT world ourselves and offer users and poetry lovers a new way to access and own poetry. We will be sharing some further news on this very soon, watch this space!

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