BSPG designer, Edwin Smet, gets published!

BSPG designer, Edwin Smet, gets published!

Edwin Smet, designer of The Black Spring Press books since 2012 has had his artwork published!

For the Longest Time by Edwin Smet contains more  than 150 illustrations, a selection of the artist’s works from 2016 to  2021, accompanied by a thought-provoking commentary in English and  Dutch.

For the Longest Time breathes thoughtful poetry, the paintings of Edwin Smet (1972). Their colours are delicate, but also extremely explosive at times.  Painted with acrylic paint, which sometimes takes over with refined  force, escaping from the restraint of the painter’s hand. Mundane tape,  costing next to nothing, makes a priceless contribution to the end  result.

We see trees. Never alone, always in the company of others. And there is  often also an impression of a marshy mire in the paintings. But are they  really landscapes? To what extent do these works have a story to tell?  Why do we never see people? Did they all have to rush away in a hurry?  And what are we to make of titles like On earth we are briefly gorgeous and Forêt Zweig?

In this book, visual artist Edwin Smet and publicist Kees Verbeek reflect on these and other questions.

We are so proud of you, Edwin!

You can get your hands on a copy of For The Longest Time by visiting

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