Update and A Call For Volunteers!

Update and A Call For Volunteers!

The Black Spring Press Group is calling for volunteers to help us get through this difficult time as our director undergoes treatment for heart failure and remains off work.

Many have expressed concern for our current director's health and we thank you.

Here is a brief update:

Dr Swift is under the care of an expert cardiologist in London. Ongoing treatment and tests should determine progress within 4-6 weeks. We are cautiously optimistic at the moment and once clarity is achieved or before, we wil either appoint a new interim director or restructure the current company.

We have short term challenges right now but we also have great literary properties and the team is hoping for patience and support at this time while doing their best to keep things going. Funding remains limited during this time, and we are reaching out for editors, proofreaders, pro-bono legal advice and accountants and/or donors who can contribute.

Our aim is to continue publishing more incredible books and introduce wonderful writers to readers. Your help would support us in doing this! If you can spare any support over the next couple of months to help us, it would make all the difference!!

Please reach out to amira.eyewearpublishing@gmail.com or  for further information.

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