The Warming

By Stanley Johnson


For fans of Michael Crichton and Dan Brown: a fast-paced, ecological thriller.

Charles Hodson is on the trail of his brother, who has disappeared in the depths of the Brazilian rainforest. For Charles, an intrepid journalist, the rescue mission is personal – but it be comes something much more terrifying when he uncovers evidence of a global conspiracy surrounding a large deposit of a rare substance: a mineral that could solve the planet's climate-change crisis.

Bolting between the lush South American jungle and cosmopolitan Amsterdam, from the remote Falkland Islands to the forbidding frozen zone of Antarctica, The Warming is a pulse-pounding adventure as entertaining as it is intelligent.

About the author: Stanley Johnson, outspoken environmentalist, and former MEP, is the author of 25 books, including 12 non-fiction works on environmental topics, two volumes of memoir and 10 novels.


Also available as an eBook!  (Link)