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NAKED: The Honest Musings of 2 Brown Women

NAKED: The Honest Musings of 2 Brown Women

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By Mimi Mutesa & Selvi M. Bunce



This impressive and enjoyable debut poetry collection by American-Tamil poet Selvi M. Bunce and Ugandan poet Mimi Mutesa is enriched with unique illustrations by Mimi. It is a fiery challenge to preconceptions of race and relationships through poems of autobiography and self-empowerment.

These poems are bold, humorous, and uninhibited, charting revelatory journeys through the complexities of identity, family, love, and independence. ‘Dedicated to all of us who are bad, brown and brazen.’


"This is a tender, whimsical and yet fiercely honest exploration of love, identity and personal growth illuminated by a natural world of birds, sky and sea that the poems woo us to revel in...An insightful and impressive debut" - Doreen Baingana, Commonwealth Writers' Prize award winner and author of Tropical Fish

"I wouldn’t be surprised if, in five years’ time, this collection is adapted for Broadway à la Ntozake Shange’s For Colored Girls..." - Da'Shawn Mosley, editor and journalist

"This collection is beautiful because it is not one thing – just like we, as brown women, are not one thing. We are complex, multi-faceted and sometimes contradictory. I read this book thinking I knew what to expect (being a British South Asian woman myself) but, by the end, I felt like I had traversed the private moments of friends trying to tell me their secret musings!" - Nishma Jethwa, (she/they), Co- Founder & Director, The Rights Collective

" unforgiving, uncensored, and quite literally naked picture of what it feels like to journey to a new land and the hardships that come with this as well on a deeper level. From the perils of being a woman of colour, to love, acceptance, new beginnings, and hope, this book takes the reader on quite the journey that is familiar through change and self-awareness. Like a bite of dark chocolate, this book is rich, bittersweet, a little discomforting, and by the end of it all, very satisfying." - Ivor Samuel M, Ugandan Poet


Mimi Mutesa (she/they) grew up in Uganda, and by the time she graduated high school, she had attended over a dozen schools across four countries in Africa. She is a recovering podcast producer, currently taking time off after having covered US politics in Washington D.C. She now lives in Uganda with her husband, their dog Van Dam, and her countless potted plants.



Selvi M. Bunce (she/her/they) is a Tamil-American poet, writer, and editor based in Minnesota. Selvi enjoys both academic and creative writing and has published work with Poetry Ireland Review, Mixed Mag, Brown Girl Magazine, the Rights Collective, and Academic Impressions. Selvi is passionate about accessible education and good chai. 


Watch a Q&A with Mimi & Selvi below:

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