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Combining the musicality of TS Eliot with the vivacity of Frank O’Hara, and the blunt honesty of Eminem, Adele Fraser’s debut pamphlet uses a romantic relationship as metaphor for some of the translation issues that can occur between neurodivergent individuals and neurotypical society. In a single poem, Fraser digs deep into the psychology of a relationship to show the painful ways in which we miss each other. Intense World Fortress captures exquisitely the frustration of loving in the absence of understanding.

Adele Fraser is a bisexual and neurodivergent poet who uses her work to explore the complex interplay of identities in both personal relationships and wider society. Her work has been published extensively online and in print, including appearances in Envoi, Orbis, The Interpreter’s House, Obsessed with Pipework, Poetry Salzburg and Ink, Sweat & Tears. Her poem ‘Autistic Girl in Home Economics Class’ was selected by Luke Kennard to appear in the Eyewear anthology Best New British and Irish Poets 2017.

Intense World Fortress is a one-sided conversation in defence of an alternative way of experiencing and being in the world – visceral, impassioned, confessional and heart-felt, the single narrative poem is acutely humane and unflinching.
- Jan Fortune



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