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In The Particular

In The Particular

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In The Particular by Martin Potter is a collection of quests, in words, for the transcendent. In his search, Potter pays close attention to moments and places, people and rituals. In these poems motifs such as liturgy and pilgrimage weave through a landscape marked by sacred seasons and saints’ footsteps, building mesmerically into their own Gregorian chants.

Martin Potter studied literature and language at the universities of Cambridge, Southern California, and University College London, and teaches at the Centre for Lifelong Learning in the University of York.

Reading these delicate poems is like tracing the bright threads of a medieval tapestry. We are carried into a poetic pilgrimage populated with monks and manuscripts, cathedrals and castles, the chill of York and the lemony light of the Holy Land. Potter is a modern poet deeply connected to sacred history. - Maria Apichella


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