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'Hell-P Me' Poems 2016-2017

'Hell-P Me' Poems 2016-2017

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The trio of poets bill themselves asconversations between a recovering love addict, a born again nihilist and an emotionally naked feminist’. They’re clever and inventive and they give good show.

Little Grape Jelly is a British poetry collective made up of the three performance poets Lily Ashley, Grace Pilkington, and James Massiah, pictured below. In this collection, poems are emailed and texted back and forth, pursuing evolving themes of love, desire, heartbreak, drugs, sex, and the general shittyness of the past year... as well as the rewards and excitements of youth. The poems are spontaneous, sometimes rough-hewn, blunt, frank, and even startling - as well as often hilarious or moving. Witty doodles and zany illustrations enhance the charm. A book of poetry like no other.




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