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By Jack Little

This enthralling collection takes the reader on an exciting journey from Northumberland to Latin America exploring the bitter-sweetness of a long away adventure, the poet’s relation-ship to home and the loved ones he left and encountered on his travels. It occupies the space between the not-quite-home and just beyond elsewhere.

Jack Little is a British poet who has lived in Mexico City since 2010 where he works as a primary school teacher. He won the Titchfield Shakespeare Poetry Competition in 2013 and is the founding editor of  The Ofi Press. His work has been widely published in the UK and in Mexico.

These poems are born out of elsewhere, other languages, other continents; Little has created new fables, new myths, which speak ‘of  another time’ as well as the contemporary one. If these images feel fresh and unlike anything you’ve read before, it’s because they are, because they’re steeped in the international reading and editorial work of the poet. The best of these poems simultaneously make the foreign seem closer and defamilarise the local; Jack Little is a voice you’ll be reading much more of in the future. Andrew McMillan

 Little’s collection is subtle, lightly surreal, full of heart, makes you feel wholly untravelled and leaves you with a full belly, but like a great meal leaves you wanting more Grant Tarbard, The Lake

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