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Donald Trump: The Rhetoric

Donald Trump: The Rhetoric

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Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign seemed, at first, like a harmless joke: an eccentric billionaire’s entertaining grab at free publicity. Since then, Trump has resisted every attempt to compartmentalise or neutralise him, successfully winning over a moderate majority it was thought he could never reach. In doing so, he shattered every accepted paradigm of American politics, becoming probably the most important and unsettling historical figure of our times. In this highly readable analysis, Oliver Jones exposes the new president and the media-driven culture that allowed his dangerous rise. This is the book that everyone needs to read—the stakes have never been higher. 

Oliver Jones has looked into Donald Trump in depth. If politics is truly a branch of show business, Trump is the showman who could be president. The narrative that he is a bigoted idiot is far too simplistic, Jones analyses the media-driven rise of the candidate who may just tweet his way into the White House. -- Paul Staines, editor Guido Fawkes.



"On our televisions and in our unconscious, the image: Donald Trump, sitting in a dozen interview chairs, standing at a dozen different podiums, blasting a dozen press microphones with all the potency his tiny mouth can muster. Donald Trump, a lopsided grin creasing his tanned face into a thousand folds. Donald Trump, whose raised, innocent eyebrows cause international outrage on a biweekly basis. This is not a book about Donald Trump. That is to say, it is not about the New York billionaire, raised in Queens and graduated from New York Military Academy. This is not about the shrewd businessman who authored a number of self-help bestsellers including The Art of the Deal and Time To Get Tough, Making America #1 Again. It is not even about the hopeful who unexpectedly chose to stand for the Republican nomination against all odds and advice on June 16th of 2015. This is a book about the wholly separate figure that has emerged in the intervening period, during which the Trump campaign has transformed from a rude joke into the most divisive and discussed phenomenon in contemporary politics. This is a book about the Trump phenomenon: an elongated mass narrative, caricature of a successful American and revelation about our culture. This is about how Trump replaced the political virtues of Aristotle, Plato and the founding fathers with the virtues of the action movie hero: masculine indifference, anti-intellectualism, ‘guts’ and a steady flow of one-line put-downs. This is about the figure who, in so doing, cast the entire American political process in the mould of a Hollywood movie – a down-to-earth protagonist’s sweaty struggle against snobbish aristocrats, a carbine-rifle-and-grenade assault on the complex systems that distort the simple truths of good against evil. This is a book about how Trump made a foil of the American political establishment..."


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