Maida Vale, London, UK


Michael Katakis - Author of A Thousand Shards of Glass and Dangerous Men and, for 25 years the manager of the Ernest Hemingway Literary Estate

“I have been much impressed by the dedication of Black Spring Press to seek out and then publish books of substance. The fine press is a reflection of its publisher's belief that books, ideas and conversations matter and are in fact essential to a healthy and vital society. Dr. Swift is something rare in this world. A real publisher.” 


Nesa Fayz - Durham University student, 3rd year. She was our summer intern 2023.

"I have enjoyed being an editorial intern at the company. I have learned various new skills, such as proofreading, editing, evaluating manuscripts, designing covers, and so much more. The director, Todd Swift, guides his students throughout the journey, sharing generous knowledge about the publishing industry and always seeking ways to improve the learning experience. I encourage anyone interested in publishing because of its thoroughness and the sense of ambition it instils in you. I am so lucky to have met the team; they are brilliant, skilled, supportive and always there to help."

Mac Gay - Poet based in Texas. We published his book Ghost Hunt in 2023.

"The books are perfect! You folks are the consummate pros! Exponential thanks to you both and the rest of the team. So proud to be with Eyewear and Black Spring!

All best to you all.



Michael A. Brown - Poet based in Cambridge and LGBTQ campaigner. We published his third poetry book, Meet Me At The Harbour. 

"I’m absolutely delighted with my book. It is a dream come true. The cover is just what I imagined. I think the house style is wonderfully presented. I like how you have a very strong Eyewear style and clear brand. Thank you so much. Simple things like having the spine printed and little glasses really will make it stand out in bookstores. I really appreciate everything you and the team have done. I found Alex to be great to work with as well."


Jessica Mayhew - Winner of the Melita Hume Poetry Prize 2018. Her poetry, fiction and essays have been published in magazines including Ambit, Stand, Staple, Brittle Star, Magma, andThe Interdisciplinary Literary Studies Journal.  We published two of Jessica's books, Amok, and Longship.

"I'm still smiling from the fantastic Eyewear launch in London earlier this week. My editor, Alex, was so insightful in helping to bring my collection to print, and really took the time to make sure that I submitted the best version. Edwin Smet designed a beautiful cover for me, delving into the imagery of Norse mythology. Todd was on hand for guidance and encouragement at every stage. I am so proud of my finished Eyewear collection, Longship."


Diana Scott - Recent graduate from UCL. She obtained her MSc in Women’s Health and spent three months researching young women’s experiences of dating apps and digital intimacy. She currently works for the NHS in the General Management training scheme.

"In 2017, I was an Editorial Assistant at Eyewear while completing my undergraduate degree. During my time as an Assistant, I was not only exposed to the creative, challenging, and exciting world of publishing but I was given many autonomous projects, opportunities to refine my writing and communication skills, and build confidence as a professional in a ever-changing sector (and all the free books was an amazing perk!). Working at Eyewear was a highlight of my undergraduate career."


Luke Jacob - Jacob's poetry and prose have appeared in more than 50 journals, includingSouthwest Review, Barrow Street, RHINO andCherry Tree, among others.

In 2015 his chapbookA Hole in the Light was published by Anchor & Plume Press. Eyewear published his full debut collection,The Seed Vault, in 2019.

"As an American writer working with a UK-based publisher, I cannot say enough about how much it has meant to have such a supportive team at Eyewear. The collective belief in my work in general and in this book in particular has helped me not just to find an audience, but to believe in the fact that that audience can be grown at home in the USA, in Eyewear's home-base of the United Kingdom, and elsewhere around the globe. Eyewear has a truly international vision and reach."

Izzie Lewis-Dodson - worked for 9 months as an editorial intern with The BSPG in 2021-2022, after her MA in Classics from UCL. She has now moved on to a full-time role at a larger company.

"I learnt a lot during my time at Black Spring Press. The director provided me with a wealth of opportunities in all aspects of publishing - editorial, marketing, sales!  But most of all, my experience here gave me the confidence I needed for the working world. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend someone to work with the team at Black Spring Press!"


Ellie Hind - worked for four months with us in our busy period July-October 2022 after graduating from Newcastle university - she is planning a career in publishing.

"I have had a great experience during my four months as an editorial intern, providing me with valuable insight into all aspects of the publishing industry. I was thrown straight in despite having no previous experience and trusted to work independently which has really helped me to enhance my own creative opinions and abilities. I have been given lots of opportunities to practice new skills from proofreading to making TikToks! My confidence has also improved significantly having been made to feel like a valued and respected member of the team. I would recommend the internship at Black Spring Press to anyone looking to pursue a career in publishing!"