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Winter's Deception

Winter's Deception

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By C.M Stolworthy

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Lilly Millbank is the new Mother Nature, the newly married young mum must now figure out how to navigate the minefield of intrigue and backstabbing that is part and parcel with the smooth transitioning of the four seasons, the eight petulant Kings and Queens that lord over them and the all-pervading destructive force of humanity.

But with the constant menace of attack from the rogue elves she must learn quickly as a maniacal plot by the king of the summer elves has placed her family in danger and threatens to end millions of innocent lives.

Growing up living and working on farms instilled C.M Stolworthy with a love of nature and passionate interest in the environment, which inspired this book. C.M Stolworthy moved into laboratory work, which she combined with bringing up her five children. She now lives in Dorset. Hobbies over the years have included raising rare breed chickens and gardening but the one that most captured her imagination, apart from writing, was tropical fish, even keeping a small Walstad tank on her desk at work. Winter's Deception, is C.M Stolworthy’s first published novel and is the first of the Seasons series.


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