Throwing Tarts At The King And Other Stories

By Anne Bianco

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Anne Bianco’s debut collection Throwing Tarts At the King And Other Stories contains stories and essays whose diverse characters struggle with loss, class disparities, and time. They are “the walking wounded.” A lawyer who simultaneously mourns and envies his older brother’s legacy and regrets his own lost chances finds connection to the tangible in a brawl with a truck driver. A garbage man by day and a zoo security guard by night reaches for autonomy and love when he sheds dependence on an old friend. After his older, idolized brother saves his life, a young boy accepts the possibility of a future without him. A shopaholic reviews the dearth of romantic choices in her life and tries to fill the hole in her soul by finding friendship with a jewellery counter clerk.

Anne grew up, the fourth of eight children, during the late sixties and seventies near Cleveland, Ohio. She developed an enduring love of literature and theater in elementary school. She graduated from Northwestern University and studied writing and education in graduate programs at the University of Cincinnati. She’s lived in Chicago, rural Tennessee, and at present resides and writes in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood with her husband and two beloved shelter dogs, Australian shepherds Gemma and Josie.



"With writing that blends Ray Carver’s bleak working class world with Sedaris-like comedy, Anne Bianco’s debut collection Throwing Tarts At the King includes stories and essays whose characters struggle with loss, class disparities, and time. They are “the walking wounded” and live different lives, from a truck driver to a garbage man to a boy who loses his brother. All fully face their often agonizing struggle for human connection." -Ginger Moran, author of The Algebra of Snow, American Queen, and The
Body of Summer