No One Taught Me To Tango

By Trevor Grove


Grove chronicles not only his own fascinating Anglo-Argentinian background growing up in Buenos Aires but also the political history of the tango. He writes, ‘In the troubled times of Juan and Evita Peron, the middle classes detested the music and dance so adored by porteños, the ordinary people of Buenos Aires. Too proletarian, sexy and subversive. These days the tango has enthusiasts worldwide, from Finland to Japan, but I didn’t see anyone dance it until I was 18 and didn’t attempt it myself until I was nearly 60.’ He also details the terrifying moment his father was kidnapped by urban guerrillas and his anguish over the Falklands war.

Trevor Grove is the best-selling author of The Juryman’s Tale and The Magistrate’s Tale: A Frontline Report from a New JP. He is a renowned journalist and former editor of The Sunday Telegraph. Grove was raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina and now resides in the UK.