By Arch Hades

Poetry - Hardback


Arcadia is the latest book from bestselling poet Arch Hades, whose illustrated version of this work sold as a piece of digital fine art in 2021, breaking records for the most expensive poem ever sold.

The story of Arcadia is a 648-line rhyming, narrative poem that explores how our 21C existential crisis of alienation and anxiety has been brought on by the phenomena of mass media, consumerism, and instant gratification that attempt to fill the void of meaning and habit left by organised religions of the 20C. The five-canto poem argues that even though our symptoms are psychological, our problems are philosophical at their root, and so urges us to overcome nihilism by embracing solitude, individuality, self-ownership, beauty, and art. In 2021, Arcadia was illustrated and sold as a work of digital fine art at Christie’s New York, where it broke records and became the most expensive poem ever sold at $525,000. In May 2022 the Arcadia digital film had its museum premiere at the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, as part of the ‘Let’s get Digital’ exhibition. 

Arch Hades is an artist and bestselling poet from London, who became the highest paid living poet in the world in 2021. She is the author of four volumes of poetry – ‘High Tide’ (2018), ‘Fool’s Gold’ (2020), ‘Paper Romance’ (2021), ‘Arcadia’ (2022) – known best for Romantic lyricism and for exploring poetry-of-philosophy in a traditional, rhyming style. Arch Hades often writes commentary for national newspapers on cultural discourse, performs poetry readings, and gives talks on philosophy – in 2021 speaking on 21C existentialism at Oxford University; in 2022 exploring the relationship between art and philosophy on the cultural panel at UCL’s annual conference.

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