A Very Short Book About Writing

By Jonathan G. Davies

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A very short book about writing is about how joining a small writing group and writing every day helped the author cope with the anxiety and fear he felt as the pandemic worsened and his world fell in and out of lockdowns.  But it is also about friendship and family, mental health, understanding and love.  Deeply personal and real, inside you will find a small collection of short pieces taken from moments in his life, including Jonathan’s touching coming out story, as well as notes on the activities and writing games that inspired them in the hope that by being open and honest about his experiences, it may help others to do the same.

Jonathan is proudly Welsh. After graduating from university Jonathan taught Economics in schools and colleges across London, holding senior positions for the best part of 22 years.  He took a break from teaching to be personal assistant to Nick Cave and, from time to time, the Bad Seeds before returning to the classroom.  Seven years ago, he left teaching to co-found Josh Wood Colour with his partner Josh and together they have built a highly respected, globally recognised hair colour business.  An aspiring writer, he has always wanted to share his work and has finally found the confidence to do something about it.  He lives between London and Oxfordshire with Josh and their dog Gandalf where he is currently writing his first novel.    


"In this svelte book, the seven morceaux—personal vignettes (and poems), many portraying the author’s upbringing in northern Wales—are valuable exemplars in that they were initiated within a writing group, yet no committee writing is evident. Seeing such elegant works emerge from such engagement reinforces, to me, the potential for writing groups as sources of inspiration among scholars." - Steven E. Gump


'A miraculous little book'- Michael Svoboda

'This is incredibly brave, emotional and evocative writing' - Laura Bailey

'It made me nostalgic and took me back to my childhood'- Sara Macdonald

'It's a marvel'- Tom Dyson

'It's a lovely enouraging book and has prompted me to put pen to paper'- Jo Martin'

 I love this @jonathan_davies looking after our mental health is so important, and especially so at this time of year; which can be tough on so many. Please read, share (and buy)! - Victoria Beckham

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