The Arts Council Does Not Fund Us for 3 Years

Todd Swift | 04 November, 2022

Very sad and difficult news today... the Arts Council of England has decided not to fund us for the next three years, announcing many such cuts and lack of funding, to such famous cultural institutions as the English National Opera, and the Donmar Warehouse. While their letter said we were "likely to make a good contribution" to creative and cultural country and creative people outcomes, based in Central London as we are, we would not hit the target for the Investment Principles involving levelling up and moving more cultural support to the North of England. Our company group obviously supports levelling up, and more diversity, but regrets that being based in London - the world's most vibrant multicultural city - is now seen as such a negative, especially given the diversity of our editorial team (all three of our current editors are women, and two are BAME). BSPG had applied for money to keep publishing excellent poets for the next three years, and difficult decisions will need to be made now about our scheduling moving forward. Without this sort of NPO/IPSO funding, it is very demoralising and challenging to weather the worst recession in a century... which is why we are trying to pivot to more tech-based solutions for the success of our authors, including NFTs, and web3 projects.

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