Todd Swift | 30 November, 2020


Eyewear publishing are launching a new take on the classics. 

The series will be known as Eyewear Classics and will launch in 2021.

Eyewear will be re-publishing classic manuscripts from the likes of Charles Dickens, HG Wells, Jack London, Mark Twain, Agatha Christie etc. etc. and marrying the stories with contemporary covers from noted illustrators and designers such as Steven Appleby, Malcolm Garrett, Aidan Hughes etc. etc.

These mid-priced paperbacks will be available via Amazon, any bookshop you order them from, and other online sellers, including this shop, starting in the first quarter of 2021...

 … but first, by way of a yuletide appetiser and to introduce the series, Eyewear are re-issuing Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, with a cover specifically commissioned from Steven Appleby (Dragman, Captain Star, Rockets Passing Overhead, The Good Inn, Loomus). 

The series will be overseen and art directed by Nigel Proktor. (PICTURED)

Nigel is the latest recruit to the Eyewear talent pool having introduced himself by delivering the return of the 1980s noir-inspired cult comic, ‘Brute!’(Malcolm Bennett & Aidan Hughes) 

He turned professional graphic designer in 1984 and straight away started working on record sleeves at Malcolm Garret’s collective, Assorted iMaGes, designing for the likes of Duran Duran, Eurythmics, Hugh Cornwell, Sinead O’Connor, Phil Collins, Culture Club and various other top pop acts of the day.

At the end of that decade things twisted & turned and Nigel has since added a few more strings to his bow by moving left into radio, television and film (‘The Last Resort with Jonathan Ross' (Channel 4); 'Radio Tip Top' (BBC Radio 1); 'Tip Top TV' (Channel 4 / Paramount Television); 'Big FM', and 'Father Christmas - The Documentary' (Speck Productions)) and right into pop music production, publishing and management, working with Buzzcocks, Howard Devoto, Dave Formula, Magazine and Adam Ant.

 …all the while keeping his hand in the design game by either working on his own projects (see above) or to commissions from clients as diverse as The Chartered Institute of Insurers to Westminster Academy to Umberto Giannini Hair Products. As of right now, Nigel has been brought on board as the communications designer for the recently launched BBC Maestro e-learning platform . Heaven help ‘em.

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