Collected Poems by the great Chinese-language poet Yu Xinqiao has been delayed.

Todd Swift | 29 September, 2022

We at BSPG are sorry that the Collected Poems we have been working on since 2020 - compiling and re-translating over 400 pages of poetry by the great Chinese-language poet Yu Xinqiao, has been delayed.

Since this project could take another year or so to complete (it is impossible to rush so many complex translations, and since I am doing them from rough translations from the Chinese), this important book must remove its original publication date and now become TBA.

Therefore, we are respectfully offering a full refund, as well as shipping costs, to any of the small group (less than 20) of customers who pre-ordered the book from us. Please contact us at info at eyewearpublishing dot com and we will arrange a refund via PayPal, and also pay the costs of the transaction. We have written to these customers directly, but want to leave this message here, as some are behind virtual walls in China and emails do not always reach there.

We are now preparing a smaller paperback Selected poems to come out asap, in the meantime. Thank you, and apologies for the delays. I became very ill at Christmas with heart failure, 2021, and I have had a hard time recovering to complete the work in a swift enough fashion.

This delay has nothing to do with the genius of the poet, or his significance. Indeed, it is because he is so important a figure in literature on the world stage, I feel pressure to get it right, rather than fast.

Readers of this post may want to know my own Selected Poems, for a wonderful Australian publisher, has been similarly delayed, as I am taking longer than usual to complete tasks.

best regards, Dr Todd Swift

From the desk of Dr Todd Swift
Publisher & Director
The Black Spring Press Group (BSPG)

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